Become an FCDC Post Seat Holder Now!

Become an FCDC Post Seat Holder Now!

How to Apply

  1. Fulfill the requirements. You must be registered to vote in, and a resident of, Fayette County.
  2. Find which County Commission District you live in. To find your Commission District, you can check your voter registration card, use the Commission District Map, or visit your Georgia My Voter Page.
  3. Announce your intention to run for a Post Seat Holder position. To do so, fill out the form below and click “submit”.
  4. Complete a Committee Member Affidavit and email it to FCDC Chair Joe Clark:

Become a Post Seat Holder

The Fayette County Democratic Committee runs on the dedication of our amazing group of active volunteers. No one within our organization receives compensation, so the fate of one of the most important areas politically in the entire country rests in the hands of all of us. Our great Democratic coalition only works when local liberals and progressives come together to reach voters on a local, one-to one level.

This is why Post Seat Holders are so important in local politics. Only Post Seat Holders of the Fayette County Democratic Committee may vote at FCDC Business Meetings and in party elections conducted by the Fayette County Democratic Party (such as those for Officers and State Committee Members).

Post Seat Holders are also responsible for coordinating GOTV activities in their local areas. Fill out the form above for the chance to become a PSH and take responsibility for how Democrats perform in your own backyard.

Find Your District.

Current PSH and Open Vacancies