Electing Democrats: Georgia’s Qualifying Week

Electing Democrats: Georgia’s Qualifying Week

From the FCDC Political Action Committee — This week, March 4th to the 8th, is the qualifying period for Congressional, State, and local offices. If you wish to run at the federal or State level, you will qualify at the Secretary of State Office or with the Democratic Party of Georgia. If you are running for one of our local offices, please stop by the Fayette County Democratic Committee Headquarters to fill out all required forms at:

185 Kathi Ave, Fayetteville, GA 30214

2024 Offices up for Reelection

Congressional districts up for reelection are 03 and 06. State House districts are 68, 69, 73, and 82. State Senate districts are 34 and 16. Pictured below are the local offices and the fees associated with qualification.

Please consider a run for public office! Reach out to Joe Clark if running locally or to Chuck Enderlin (Third Congressional District Chair, DPG) and Scout Smith (Vice Chair of Candidate Recruitment, DPG) if running at the state or federal level.

Additional links:
DPG Candidate Interest Survey

Swearing In Ceremony featuring Zach Livzey
FCDC Vice Chair Zach Livsey Swearing In as Fayette Co. Board of Elections Member in Fayetteville, Feb. 22 2024

Why run for office?

– By Jamie Harmon, Edited by Tom Rauch

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve spoken with several people about running for office and what it means to run as a Democrat. We have in Joe Biden a candidate openly running on the party’s platform. When I am listening to people discuss candidacy and being a Democrat, I keep the party’s platform in mind. I always ask, “Are you willing to stand on the party’s platform as a candidate?” The party has changed greatly since 2000.

We are now a bolder pro-life party. We are pro-life in that our platform is geared to sustaining a higher quality of life for the people of the United States. The 2020 Democratic platform starts with “BUILDING A STRONGER, FAIRER ECONOMY” and leads to “ACHIEVING UNIVERSAL, AFFORDABLE, QUALITY HEALTH CARE.” Those items are first and second because they matter to all Americans regardless of income, race, sex, or religion. They are not just bullet points; they are action items.

Represent Your Values.

During Biden’s short time in office, we have seen unions win, have seen employment increase, have seen wages increase, and we have collected almost $500 billion dollars from those using tax shelters. Student loans have been forgiven for many borrowers despite the court cases to prevent student loan forgiveness. There is increased funding to help people purchase homes and to help maintain their current homes. On the national level, funds have been sent to the states to improve access to healthcare.

The planks in the platform are action items. One of the biggest wins for Democrats has been the ability to negotiate drug prices for those using Medicare. That win was an action item under “ACHIEVING UNIVERSAL, AFFORDABLE, QUALITY HEALTH CARE.” After years of work from our County Commission, Fayette County will open a new treatment center this year. Another action item from the Democratic platform? “EXPANDING ACCESS TO MENTAL HEALTH AND SUBSTANCE USE TREATMENT.”

Stand with Democrats.

The heart of the Democratic Platform of 2020 is found under “HEALING THE SOUL OF AMERICA.” We are truly a party filled with people from every imaginable background. Our commitment to uplifting everyone, not just some, is what truly unifies us. We respect the rights of all to pursue happiness.

One section of the platform, “PROTECTING AMERICANS’ CIVIL RIGHTS,” may seem generic until you read it. As Democrats we have produced legislation, like the John Lewis Voting Rights bill, to restore full power to the Voting Rights Act. We introduced an anti-lynching law. We introduced the George Floyd Act to end qualified immunity. It is imperative that we have actual Democrats in both Congress and our State House to make these action items a reality.

Another section of the platform, “ACHIEVING RACIAL JUSTICE AND EQUITY,” dared to mention reparations. We’re different than the party that was pro-slavery in 1828. We are now the party that dares to mention reparations in our platform. Biden has appointed a higher number of Black Americans to the federal bench than any president. Under this section, you will find mention of removing Confederate symbols. Our party has come a long way.

We need candidates who are unafraid to stand ten toes down on the party platform. Follow President Biden’s lead and be bold. We have a platform to uplift everyone. We have many more action items to accomplish. The only way we can do accomplish these actions is to have actual Democrats elected to public offices at all levels of government.

Remember: March 4-8 are the qualifying dates to run for public office in Georgia. Reach out to our chair Joe Clark to learn more.

Jamie Harmon

FCDC Political Action Chair

Fayette County Democratic Committee: Georgia’s Next Majority Party


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