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Why We Prioritize Social Media? One Goal:


The Flip Fayette Blue Initiative is a way for the FCDC to help members understand how to engage with us on social media. Sometimes the easiest and most time-effective way to support our Party is to like, share, or comment on our posts. By joining our new initiative as a social ambassador, you’ll learn both in person and through video meetings how and where to amplify our message on all our channels.

Overview: With the 2030s not too far in the distant future, the Fayette County Democrats know how important planning our digital outreach is for the continued growth of our party.

This year we have fully retooled our Instagram account and gained thousands of new followers on our new TikTok and Threads accounts.

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FCDC Blue Peach Logo with Shadow

Flip Fayette Blue

A Fayette County Democrats Social Media Training Initiative

It’s Time to Join Up

Summer is almost over, which means it’s time to get to work! This fall we are going to start holding training sessions for our Flip Fayette Blue Initiative. This social media training program covers a range of platforms so you can learn how best both support the FCDC online and spread positive Democratic messaging in online spaces. We’re going to start from scratch and help you develop the skills needed to make a difference. Whether you use Facebook from time to time, share family photos on Instagram, or haven’t got any of these apps downloaded to your phone, don’t worry! We’re going to work together to create an army of social media ambassadors to FLIP FAYETTE BLUE once and for all in 2024.

If interested, please click the button above to sign up as a Social Ambassador—the process only takes a few seconds. We will let you know via email as soon as our first session is scheduled.

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