Pictured: Sen. Warnock Speaking to Fayette County Democrats in Peachtree City, GA.

Fayette County: the closest County in the closest State in America. Democrats are just 491 votes short of flipping BLUE for the first time in decades. Learn More

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Warnock Meeting Fayette County Citizens in October '22

Warnock 1-on-1 with Fayette Dems

FCDC Supporters Listening to Warnock

Fayette County Democrats listening to Warnock

Fayetteville Mayor Ed Johnson and Former FCBOE District 4 Member Leonard Presberg

Former FCDC Chair Leonard Presberg and Fayetteville Mayor Ed Johnson




Flip Fayette Blue

Our South Atlanta enclave of over 96,000 registered voters has a chance to flip BLUE for the first time in recent memory, this time as a party working to protect the rights of everybody.

See below how Fayette County, GA has changed electorally since the Fayette Democrats formed in the early 2000s:

Fayette County – 2000 Election
Gore 28.06%
Bush 69.11%
Fayette County – 2010 Election

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Thurmond 28.2%
Isakson 68.8%
Fayette County – 2020 Election

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Biden 45.9%
Trump 52.7%
Fayette County – 2022 Senate Runoff Election

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Warnock 49.5%
Walker 50.5%

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We have plenty of opportunities to donate your time. No matter if you’re a people person or an introvert, you have a place with your local Democrats.



It’s your right—make the most out of it. A vote in Fayette County is worth double a vote in Oklahoma or California, so use your vote wisely and vote Democrat down the ticket.



The FCDC is 100% volunteer-staffed. We rely on donations to pay our electric bill, so if you’ve got $10 to spare please consider sending it to your local party.

Who we are

The Fayette County Democrats are a county committee within the body of the Democratic Party of Georgia. We are committed to the engagement of voters in Fayette County – from registration drives to Get Out the Vote efforts to voter participation outreach, we’re the body responsible for electing Democrats in our little slice of Georgia.

Our mission is to help our communities through the ballot box on areas important to our collective voice – education, transportation, healthcare, racial injustices, and economic power. We also provide an entrance for individual members to connect with Democratic activists and candidates.

Meet Your Local Democrats

Join us every month for a pancake breakfast and party strategy meeting at IHOP. See candidates, party leaders, and friendly faces. Hear from our board and take your next steps towards getting involved.

Flip Fayette Blue!

The Fayette County Democrats Executive Board is committed to winning Democrats the majority in the 2024 Fayette County Commission Elections. If successful, we’ll achieve our first County-wide Democratic majority in decades, possible only with the thousands of hours of donated work by Fayette County Democrats over the years. Please join us on our last stretch!

Here for you

The Fayette County Democratic Committee is the primary point of contact between the local Democratic Electorate and the Democratic Party. Along with taking responsibility for supporting our candidates for local office, we pride ourselves on being reachable to our Party members. Have any questions at all?

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