2021-2022 Executive Board

2021 – 2022 Executive Board

  • Carolyn Fludd, Chair
  • Garrett Reynolds, 1st Vice Chair
  • Bryce Remkes, 2nd Vice Chair
  • Angela Wingate Haynes, Treasurer
  • Vacant, Secretary

Committee Membership

All Democrats in Fayette County, GA are invited to participate in the activities and events of the Fayette Democrats. The best place to start is by attending a monthly meeting or by signing up. However, if you’d like to get involved in the business of the party, become a voting member of the body, the process is a little more involved. Only members of the Fayette County Democratic Committee may vote at  FCDC Business Meetings and in party elections conducted by the Fayette County Democratic Party (such as those for Officers and State Committee Members). Also being elected as a County Committee member qualifies you to run for some of these elected positions. There are 24 Committee Members: four elected from each County Commission District 1 through 4 and eight elected from County Commission District 5 (At-Large). Within each district, half of the Members are elected in Presidential election years and half are elected in Gubernatorial election years. Terms for the County Committee are for four years.

How Do I Run For A FCDC Committee Member Position?

First, you must be registered to vote in, and a resident of, Fayette County. Next, make sure you know which County Commission District you live in. To find your Commission District you can check your voter registration card, go to the commission district map or go to the Georgia Secretary of State’s website. You announce your intention to run for a Committee Member position by completing a “Committee Member Affidavit” and turning it into Carolyn Fludd, chair@fayettedems.org.

DistrictSeat NumberVoting YearTerm EndsName
Mark Fortson
12Presidential2024Eddye Davis
13Gubernatorial2026Joe Clark
14Presidential2024Jacqueline Howell
21Presidential2024Heidi Daniels
22Gubernatorial2026Bryce Remke
23Presidential2024Vivian Beverly
24Gubernatorial2026Zach Livsey
31Gubernatorial2026Chandra Wright*
32Presidential2024Nathan Poling
33Gubernatorial2026Jill Reed
34Presidential2024Kim Owens*
41Presidential2024Lisa Williams
42Gubernatorial2026Daryl Lewis
43Presidential2024Garrett Reynolds
44Gubernatorial2026Mischelle Walker
5 (At Large)1Gubernatorial2026Lorraine Stasko
52Presidential2024Letitia Naghise
53Gubernatorial2026Hasina Grimball
54Presidential2024Sharon DeHaven
55Gubernatorial2026Miriam Gwathney*
56Presidential2024Angela Wingate Haynes
57Gubernatorial2026Lee Bailey
58Presidential2024Jared Daigre*
Donna Morse
BOLD = DPG State Committee Member


Earnest C. Broadwell Legacy Award

The Fayette County Democratic Committee will present this award annually to someone who exemplifies the ideals of the Democratic Party and the qualities that we have long admired in Ernie Broadwell. This award will be given to an individual determined to be an outstanding leader who has made an exceptional contribution to the community. The awardee shall show qualities of Ernie’s to include integrity, courage, and selfless service to the community, passion, commitment to citizen participation, coalition building and ability to mentor others.

Nominations will be accepted each year after the Selection Committee is announced. Nominations are open to all members (in good standing) of the Fayette County Democratic Committee. Nominations should include a brief statement of why that individual fits the award criteria.

This award recognizes an extensive history of exemplary work for the Fayette County Democratic Committee. The nominee shall have an extensive record of accomplishments, extraordinary in nature, and a proven history of leadership. This award is reserved for those who are the best of all time or the best of their generation. In addition to a record of exceptional accomplishment, a stellar record of personal integrity, and a history of doing what was best for the city, county state or nation, are required, and must be in the highest tradition of Democratic values and public service. This award is subject to the awards committee decision, whether the nominees’ are qualified.

This is an annual award based on a nominee meeting the criteria as outlined. Should there be no qualified individual (based upon the selection criteria) then the award will be postponed until the following year.

Past Winners

2014, Tish Naghise

2015, Kevin Madden

2016, Virgil Fludd

2017, Alice and John E. Jones

2018, Derryll Anderson