Fayette County Early Voting Hours Extended!

Fayette County Early Voting Hours Extended!

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Fayette County Citizens Have Stood Up for Working People and Changed our Voting Hours

In case you hadn’t heard, the Fayette County Board of elections recently voted 2-1 to extend our Early Voting Hours from 9AM – 5PM to 7AM – 7PM during the 5 days of early voting we’ve been allotted. From November 28th to December 2nd, you will be able to vote and drop off your absentee ballot outside of working hours. Watch the video above to hear our concerned citizens speak out against voting restrictions in Fayette County.

The FCDC considers this a big win for voting rights in our county of over 100,000 people. Letting workers vote outside of 9-5 business hours is essential in a commuter area. The fact that absentee ballots would have to be mailed (with no guarantee of speedy delivery) or dropped off within a single business week was alarming. Our members and members of the public dutifully made sure our Elections Board heard working class voices, which is why the hours were extended.

In case you need a refresher on what early voting was like during the General Election, check out this video we made with Fayetteville City Councilman Joe Clark:

If you don’t know where to vote early, don’t worry!

The FCDC has put together an interactive early voting Google map and took pictures of the outside of each early voting location. Please click the button below for instant driving directions to your nearest early voting location. Use this info to make a voting plan!

Concerned about Democracy? Be a poll Watcher!

We need your help! Volunteer as a Poll Watcher for the Runoff! Linked here is the form for volunteers to Sign up: https://bit.ly/PWrunoffTraining. The credential window is closing for counties, so we need volunteers to sign up NOW

The steps for volunteers to become Poll Watchers are simple and outlined below: 

1.  Sign up on Mobilize to be directed to our On Demand Poll Watcher Training.

2. Follow the steps at the end of the video with instructions on how to certify that you’ve completed training.

3. Look for an email from the DPG Voter Protection Team as soon as you’ve certified. Fill out the scheduling form in that email.

4. In the coming days, pick up any call you receive from an unknown number because it could be us calling to confirm your shift details.

No prior experience or legal training is necessary, and volunteers do not need to be Georgia residents. They will be provided with all the information and written materials needed to be a poll watcher, and they will be supported by an experienced legal boiler room every step of the way.

It’s time for us to bring the win home for Senator Warnock – Now let’s get it done, again!

Email info@gafayettedems.org if you have any questions at all!

Senator Warnock visiting Peachtree City, GA in October '22
Senator Warnock visiting Peachtree City, GA in October ’22