Meet, Greet, and Canvas with Tish Naghise: Tyrone

Meet, Greet, and Canvas with Tish Naghise: Tyrone

24 Sep 2022
134 Village Green Circle, Tyrone, GA 30290
10:00 AM -

Meet, Greet, and Canvas: Tyrone

The Fayette County Democratic Committee is helping Tish Naghise (Running for District 68 State Representative) canvas voters in Tyrone, Georgia. Come meet Tish, meet fellow Democrats, and help Get Out the Vote for an election that is if nothing else a referendum on respecting women.

Time: Canvassing will begin bright and early at 10 AM.

Location: 134 Village Green Circle, Tyrone, GA 30290

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Tish Naghise

Tish Naghise

State House Representative

From Tish: My name is Letitia Naghise (Tish). I have a BA in Political Science from Clayton State University and completed studies at Emory University to become a Certified Paralegal. In addition, I am a Certified Fraud Examiner. I will complete my master’s degree in Strategic Leadership Development in 2023 from Clayton State University where I serve on the Alumni Advisory Board. I was appointed by State Court Judge Jason Thompson to serve on his Advisory Board for DUI/Drug and Veterans on January 1, 2022.

  • Party:Democrat
  • Seat:State House
  • District:68

Location: 134 Village Green Circle, Tyrone, Georgia

Don't Be Afraid to Show Up

Why wait until books are being banned in your libraries and schools? Work now to prevent an ever-growing radical coalition from taking over your local government. The time to Flip Fayette is now.

Every. Single. Person. Helps. We want to push our home over the edge and extend the blue borders of metro Atlanta further into the exurbs.

We don’t want a Marjorie Taylor Green type down in South Atlanta, so we have to put in the work NOW to prevent something like that from ever happening.

Let's turn Georgia Blue!

Why Get Involved?

Fayette County has grown so Democratic over the last 15 years that it now sits a coinflip. We have a chance to flip BLUE for the first time since the era of Dixiecrats, this time as a party working to protect the rights of everybody. There’s only one group left in local politics that governs in reality, and it’s not them.

Fayette County – 2000 Election
Gore 28.06%
Bush 69.11%
Fayette County – 2020 Election
Biden 45.9%
Trump 52.7%
Be the Straw that Breaks the Camel’s Back!